Farming on Wombat

Farming on Wombat consists of two major steps:

  1. Depositing lisUSD in exchange for lisUSD -LP tokens.

  2. Staking lisUSD-LP tokens.

Taking out your LP tokens and liquidity consists of two major steps:

  1. Unstaking your LP tokens.

  2. Removing liquidity from the lisUSD pool.

Providing liquidity to the pool


Please note that only the lisUSD Smart Pool is being topped up with liquidity and governance incentives. Before completing your transaction, ensure which pool you are dealing with.

To provide liquidity:

  • Visit Lista's farming dashboard, or go directly to the lisUSD-LP on Wombat.

    • Instead, you may want to search for lisUSD pool in the Pool section on Wombat’s app.

    • Find it, then click Liquidity.

  • Add your desired amount to the lisUSD-LP token. Ensure you have enough of both tokens to fulfil your deposit, and click Approve.

  • Once the transaction is signed, click Deposit & Stake.

Withdrawing Liquidity

  1. Search for the lisUSD stable pool in the Liquidity section on Wombat’s app.

  2. Find it then click Manage.

  3. Go to the Unstake tab and click Unstake LP. If you also desire to remove liquidity, then return to the Liquidity section and click Manage again.

  4. Go to the Remove tab and click Remove Liquidity.

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