Liquidity Pools on Uniswap

You can follow these steps to add and remove liquidity from lisUSD-USDT and lisUSD-BNB pools on Uniswap.

Adding Liquidity

  1. Find lisUSD Liquidity Pools: Visit Uniswap.

  2. Connect Wallet and switch networks: Click Connect to a wallet in the top right corner and choose your wallet. Follow the prompts to connect your wallet to Uniswap. Make sure you’re on the BNB Chain, as Uniswap’s default network is Ethereum’s.

  3. Navigate to Pool: Click on Pool in the top menu.

  4. Add Liquidity: Click the Add Liquidity button.

  5. Select Tokens: Choose lisUSD and the pair you'd like to provide liquidity for. Input the amount of each token you'd like to deposit. The other token amount will be calculated automatically based on the current exchange rate.

  6. Approve Tokens: If it's your first time providing liquidity for the selected tokens, you must approve them. Click Approve lisUSD and confirm the transactions in your wallet.

  7. Confirm Liquidity Supply: Click Supply and review the details. Confirm the transaction in your wallet. You'll receive LP tokens representing your share of the liquidity pool.

Removing Liquidity

  1. Connect Wallet: Visit Uniswap, connect your wallet, and switch to BNB Chain as previously described.

  2. Navigate to Pool: Click Pool in the top menu.

  3. View Your Pools: Click the Your Liquidity tab to see the pools you've provided liquidity to.

  4. Select the Pool: Find your lisUSD pool and click Remove.

  5. Choose Removal Percentage: Select the percentage of liquidity you'd like to remove (e.g., 25%, 50%, 100%).

  6. Approve Removal: If necessary, click Approve and confirm the transaction in your wallet.

  7. Confirm Removal: Click Remove to confirm your wallet's transaction. Your tokens will be returned to your wallet, and your LP tokens will be burned.

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