How to mint slisBNB

Step 1:

Go to Lista’s BNB liquid staking page and connect your wallet.

Step 2:

Enter the amount of BNB you would like to stake, click “stake”, and confirm the transaction.

Once the transaction has been confirmed, you will receive SlisBNB in your wallet.

Step 3:

To see your slisBNB balance on your metamask wallet, click on your metamask wallet extension.

Scroll to the end of your tokens page & click “import tokens”.

Step 4:

Copy and paste slisBNB’s into “token contract address” and click “add custom token”.

slisBNB’s contract address: 0xB0b84D294e0C75A6abe60171b70edEb2EFd14A1B

You should be able to see your slisBNB balance now.

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