Farming on Quoll

Farming on Quoll consists of two major steps:

  1. Depositing lisUSD or Wombat-lisUSD LP tokens.

  2. Staking lisUSD-LP tokens.

Taking out your LP tokens and liquidity consists of two major steps:

  1. Unstaking your LP tokens.

  2. Removing liquidity from the lisUSD pool.

Providing liquidity to the pool

  • Visit Lista's farming dashboard, or go directly to the lisUSD-LP side pool on Quoll.

    • Instead, you may want to search for lisUSD pool in the Pool section on Quoll’s app.

    • Find it, then click over the lisUSD logo.

  • Add your desired amount to the lisUSD or Wombat-lisUSD LP token. Ensure you have enough tokens to fulfill your deposit, and click Approve.

  • Once the transaction is signed, click Deposit.

Withdrawing Liquidity

  1. Search for the lisUSD pool in the Stake section on Quoll’s app.

  2. Find it, then click Withdraw.

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