Liquid staking BNB into slisBNB

Step 1: Funding your wallet with BNB

  1. To fund your wallet, click on “receive”. If you are transferring funds from your binance account, click on “transfer in”.

  2. Select the Coin to transfer, which will be BNB in this case, and choose the BNB smart chain (BEP-20) network to transfer your funds through.

Step 2: Liquid staking BNB into slisBNB on Lista DAO

  1. Once your wallet has been funded with BNB, the next step is to liquid stake your BNB into slisBNB on Lista DAO.

  2. Search for “Lista DAO” in the search bar, and click on Lista DAO.

  3. Confirm the transaction, and a notification will appear once your BNB has been liquid staked on Lista DAO.

Step 3: Withdrawing/Unstaking BNB on Lista DAO

  1. To unstake BNB on Lista DAO, navigate to the Lista DAO page by following the instructions given in step 2. (from instruction 1 to 4).

  2. Head over to the unstaking section by clicking on the “unstake”, and input the amount of BNB you would like to withdraw/unstake, and confirm the transaction. Take note: There will be a 7-15 days unstaking period.

Once the transaction has been confirmed, you are done!

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